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Bob Friedenthal

I Give Referrals And As A Result I Get Referrals. This Is Why My Business Is Growing. How About You? Want To Be A Referral Partner?

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My Bio:

I have been a LinkedIn consultant for about 10 years. As a serial entrepreneur I look at where websites such as LinkedIn faulter.

LinkedIn is great at providing data and gives you an opportunity to connect with targeted vocations. You can review people’s history and learn about potential connections. First challenge, will they communicate with you? This is Big challenge! With the correct communications and vocation targets your objectives can be achieved.

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I like to stay one step ahead of everyone. This has been my history in business. Opened my first company, a computer company when a 300MB hard drive was $20,000 and the size of a washing machine, Was this the right place to be? Of course. Then in 1993 I found the internet when there were only 12 million people using it.  I knew I had to be there. So, I started my first internet company around that period.

Fast forward, LinkedIn and social media management along with, we are providing tools increasing communications for clients and mycity members. Mycity helps people find the right people to build their businesses.  

Mobile drop Program.
Our team researches phone numbers, mobile and landline. They also research cities and zip codes of your LinkedIn connections.
We work with our clients to record a voice message. This message is then sent to mobile numbers. One week after a mobile drop, text messages
are then sent as a followup.

MyCity Review System
After producing a survey recently we found an extremely interesting result. Our survey asked several questions:
1) Do you feel that reviews, recommendations and testimonials help your business? 100% answered yes
2) On which websites: LinkedIn, Facebook, Zillow, Yelp and the new google business?
3) Are you getting any business as a result of your reviews, testimonials and recommendations?

This is what we have discovered. People that had reviews on multiple sites 100% stated tthey are receiving business as a result of reviews. The  respondants that answered on only 1 site stated they are not receiving and business from reviews. 

So, we started a business of helping people increase their reviews.

With a single one review page we are providing our members with a tool showing prospective buyers what people are saying about the member.
Example: Check it out
Our surveys and research has shown us that business people are missing this important marketing tool.

You have a rare window before your competition leads the market.  Contact me before you miss your leading brand and marketing opportunites!
Check out this testimonial by Kirk Jaffe.
Bob Friedenthal 310-736-5787 M

Target Clients:

Attorney,Attorney - Business,Attorney - Estate Planning,attorney - Family Law,Attorney- Bankruptcy,Attorney- Entertainment,Attorney- Real Estate,Attorney- Tax,Branch Manager,Branch Manager- Mortgage,Broker- Business,Business Coach,Business Loans,Business Owner,CEO,Commercial Lender,Computer Networking,Computer Repair,CPA,Credit Repair,Entrepreneur,Equipment Leasing,Financial Advisor,Financial Planner,Insurance,Insurance,Insurance- Personal Lines,Mortgage,Mortgage Broker,Mortgage- Commercial,Mortgage- Residential,Partner,Real Estate Broker,Realtor- Commercial,Realtor- Residential,Sales

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Attorney,Business Owner,CEO,Coach,Coach- Business,CPA,Financial Advisor,Insurance Agent,Insurance- Personal Lines,Mortgage,Realtor

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