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I have been a LinkedIn consultant for about 10 years. As a serial entrepreneur I look at where websites such as LinkedIn faulter. In October 2018 I conducted a survey which you can read below. You will find our new Review System helpful in growing your business Read below and you will understand. LinkedIn is great at providing data and gives you an opportunity to connect with targeted vocations. You can review people’s history and learn about potential connections. First challenge, will they communicate with you? This is Big challenge! With the correct communications and vocation....See More


I've been using Bob's method to connect to an additional 300 targeted connections on LinkedIn in 2 months!  And I have gained a deeper connection to my existing contacts than ever before.  Bob has been extremely hands on and client....See More


Bob's work on Mycity.com has afforded me alot more business for my CPR courses and earthquake preparedness . My business has grown quite a bit over the past few months.  If you want to increase revenue Bob Friedenthal of mycity.com is the....See More





Bob Friedenthal is the ultimate net-worker! You want to meet people that will help you take your business to the next level? Bob's your man!


Bob is a task oriented client focused, tech,savvy marketer. He gets to know his clients and then creates out of the box solutions for complicated issues . You'll be glad he's on your team. I know I am.




Bob Friedenthal is helping me grow my business. Nothing speaks better than closing deals. I highly suggest you speak to Bob Friedenthal. 310-736-5787 or contact him at: bob@mycity.com Watch my video: https://youtu.be/tMp928cPyNc Derek Hendricks


MyCity has several great tools. One is the rating system. Second is the 3 touch system for relationship building. Third is the ability to post to MyCity.com , to Facebook and to LinkedIn together. If you are looking to grow your business you....See More


Bob Friedenthal thank you very much first and foremost for the dramatic increase in my number of connection on Linkedin!(Pre intro to Bob 2700 connection, post consultation and signup to My City, 3846 and growing weekly) Bob is a phenomenal LinkedIn....See More


MyCity cuts the time it takes to start a new business relationship by 30% or more! It is smart, personal and the owner, Bob Friedenthal, is passionate about developing this into the only logical choice to make when it comes to managing business....See More


Bob has created a concept here that everyone who is looking for new relationships should be using. Cut your time to engage with new prospects by 30% or... See More


Bob's work on Mycity.com has afforded me alot more business for my CPR courses and earthquake preparedness . My business has grown quite a bit over the past... See More


I have hired Bob on a few occasions to do Linkedin marketing. He is very pleasant on the phone and we made specific agreements about our dealings. My issue... See More