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Kirk Jaffe- Mortgage Broker- Testimonial about the Edge Up Network and Referral System

Jevon Thomas- Weath Advisor- Orange County, Mycity and LinkedIn program. Jevon Phone Number 949-545-1358 or Bob Friedenthal 310-736-5787

Quentin Moses- Health Markets, out of Atlanta GA. testimonial about the Calling and Referral System. Call Quentin for more information. 561-213-8875 or, call Bob Friedenthal 310-736-5787

Elise Shuben, realtor in the San Fernando valley testimonial about the calling and referral system. 
Elise Phone Number 818-590-2989

Or, call Bob Friedenthal 310-736-5787

I help PHD/Medical/Chiropractors & more grow & scale their business online w/out worrying about the tech side of a business.

Derek L. Hendricks

Sales Coach
Denver, CO

Gerald Kane

Woodland Hills Group
Estate Planning Attorney

Dale Johnsen

Thousand Oaks Group
Health Insurance

Paul Bowler

Woodland Hills Group
Title Insurance

Marianne Hudz

Woodland Hills 2 Group

Jason Howard

Beverly Hills Group
Financial Advisor

Clement Pepe

Lake Forest Group
Sales Coach

Rick Lund

Lake Forest Group

Alicia Escobedo

Costa Mesa Group
Financial Literacy

Mike Rains

Costa Mesa Group
RE/Max Realtor

Mike Connolly

Costa Mesa Group

Jason Vallejos

Woodland Hills Group
Farmer’s Insurance

Michael Maloney

West Hollywood Group
Keller Williams

Mark Greenberg

Santa Monica Group
Partner @ Miller

Kirk Jaffe

Encino, Ca Group


818-483-9166 (Work)